Useful Links


Useful Links, divided into the following categories, are provided by Webmaster – Bernhard Schneider:


Useful Links provides you with some very helpful links that include website design & development, photography, painting & drawing, copyrights, and others that I think are of great value for you if you are working in the areas mentioned.


1. Website Design & Development


    Chief Experience Officer, Support Lead
    Photocrati Media

    I personally have had great customer support right from the beginning and mostly worked actually with the CEO of the company, Drew, since I bought their Word Press EXPOSURE THEME that very much suited me for what I had in mind for my Business Website.


    Siteground is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that works very well with Word Press. I personally have had great customer support right from the beginning as well and mostly worked with customer support staff that knew what they are talking about, thus gave very helpful solutions and contributed to ideas. They also installed necessary Word Press Software and the MYSQL Database for me. This company is my Internet Service Provider that works very well with all software and companies involved in my project.


2. Photography


    Jim Ford is a professional, world traveling photographer that is specialized on Portraits. He is also present on Facebook under Jim Ford, where you can find some interesting educational videos as well as hints and tricks for Portrait Photography.


3. Painting &  Drawing


    I read several editions of The Art Magazine (The Artist’s Magazine) that was provided to me by our Art Instructor , Lois Payne. and found this magazine as a must read for artists that are painting or drawing on different medias.


    Dan Scott runs an art education website mostly focused on helping beginners learn how to paint. I recommend taking a look at his website.


4. Copyrights


    You need to know about this subject in order to keep you out of trouble for copying anything. I saw Mr. Kaufman’s article in “The Artist’s Magazine” that I mentioned earlier under category 3. Joshua J. Kaufman is a layer that likes art. I consider his articles of Art – Copyright – Online – License most important and very informative. I urge you to follow his rules and find research more necessary copyright articles to do the best you can do to avoid any problem, especially with copyright issues for your art and that includes also photography. Please, read his disclaimer and legal notice as well.


5. Professional Videography

“A Window In Time”

  • A Window In Time

    Bernhard Schneider & Cindy Ball have know each other since Metro State University times in Denver, Colorado. They stayed in contact ever since. Cindy’s business adventure on “A Window In Time” offers professional services specialized in videography that includes businesses at events like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, memorials, tributes and much more.

    “If a Picture tells a thousand words, just image what professional video can do to Engage and Tell your Story.”


5. Others

I hope that these Useful Links will be of value for you as they were for me.